How to gauge the pulse of America

Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 02:31 PM.

We all know that you cannot gauge the health of America by the stock market — a great closing day affects no one I know — except to add more stress if you are not doing well. We all know the news media are biased and generally only offer one side of a story. Sometimes I wonder if the best news doesn’t come from the skits on Saturday Night Live. They throw punches while making you laugh. At least you pay attention.

This week my eyes were opened to the true pulse of a small community. A community that has been ignored by growth, overpowered by law enforcement and treated poorly by those who are meant to take care of them. I met a lot of very angry people, people who have lived for up to 70 years in the same small town and are practically brought to tears by the disappointment they live with. This is a pulse that is growing quicker and quicker every day and we all need to pay attention.

I heard of harassment and fear of speaking out, I heard people tell me that when they brought up things at public forums they were told to be quiet and sit down. What is going on here? Have a few people forgotten that they work for the people? I think when so many remain in the same position too long it becomes a simple act. Who is going to punish them or tell them no? Well, if you are a voter in that small community, this may be your only chance to do that. A chance to make a clean sweep of that old rotten attic and let in some fresh air.

I can’t fix Washington, nor can any of you, unless you start at home and work your way up.

It’s time to stop being afraid. It’s time to say that enough is enough and that my vote does count. It’s time to take back what was always yours to begin with. It’s time to tell the few, that it is the many that must benefit, not a small handful.

I ask you on Nov. 5, please don’t sit home and think that your vote doesn’t count. I want you to restore your pride and feel good again. I want you to take back your strength and your rights. I want you to vote and I want you to know that each person you vote for is responsible to you to help make things better. I want you to get involved. I want you to be proud of this great country you live in and to take advantage of all the amazing rights we have as Americans. I want you and your community to do better, because in the end, that’s the only way we all win, as a team. So go team go! Get out there and tell those people that you have had enough!

Remember that now, more than ever, all of that knowledge inside you needs to shine!

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