Getting back to the basics is an affordable option

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 03:24 PM.

Congratulations to the State of Tennessee for re-instituting the importance of cursive writing. 

By third grade, legible penmanship will be required (exactly like when I was a child). Kids will still learn keyboarding and print writing, but the concern over children not knowing how to sign their names or to read their teacher’s handwriting brought the basics to the frontline. 

Want to know what else is written in cursive? How about the Constitution of the United States. 

We are a country falling behind in education at an alarming rate and the last thing we need to do is continue this trend of “dumbing the masses.”  Do we really want to be a country that can only communicate through war? Not my America, thank you. 

Our society as a whole is a work in progress. We have had great moments and not so great ones. We should be learning from our mistakes instead of trying to hide them behind bureaucratic BS. 

Were we safer 50 years ago than we are today? What changed? Why have we gone from an unlocked door society to so many passwords that we need a college degree and a full time assistant just to keep them all straight? We are doing this to ourselves. We live in a society where we must constantly update and backup. Scary stuff. 

My husband asked his iPad a question and it responded by saying, “hmmm….let me think about that.” OMG it’s Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey. We are too connected.

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