Freedom is never free

Published: Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 02:40 PM.

On this day I am thankful for the electricity that warms my water for a shower after a day’s work, for the fuel that takes my car to the store to buy food for my family and for the sanctuary of a war-free homeland where I lay my head to rest.  Of course none of this is free.

Freedom is wonderful and tricky at the same time. Are we really free to do what we please when we please? Of course not. Don’t believe me? Try walking into the White House uninvited and ask to see the president — after all he is a servant to the people, right? Try carrying a firearm in the state of New York with a 30-round magazine (perfectly legal in North Carolina) or give a person with cancer a bag of marijuana to help ease their nausea — not in this state, yet.  

So freedom is different for each of us. No two states see things the same way. How awkward. What a crazy country we live in where so many rules separate us each and every day. Maybe someday that will be different, but I doubt it. 

On this day I am hopeful that our laws may change and the pot smokers will be freed from prison cells that need to be filled with child rapists, murderers and corrupt politicians.  Too many bad guys are walking our streets.

I look forward to a day when homeowner’s associations stop their overbearing rules and let people fly their flags in pride. 

On this day I can only wonder why so many states have stricken down the rights of law-abiding citizens to the point of driving them away and along with them the manufacturers and the thousands of jobs they offer. This is a crime, and the politicians should be held accountable. 

On this day be proud that you are free, and then really think about what that means. Read the Constitution and take note of how things are veering away from our foundation. This great country of ours deserves better, and so do we. 

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