Flounder bite is starting to pick up on the soundside

Published: Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 11:59 AM.

Wow, this week has sure seen some heat. I have had to water the garden and my mushroom farm like crazy to keep em in tip-top shape. This week we are going to focus on one of the most fun fisheries around. Great for folks who want to get a workout in, as well as lil ones who have never landed a big ole beast. I’m talkin’ sharks.

Now when most people picture sharks they picture a vicious indiscriminate killer. This perception could not be further from the truth. Most people think if ya wanna catch a shark any stinky old bait will do. They are wrong on that account as well. Sharks are not these man-eating monsters with magical abilities and a sense of revenge that we have been lead to believe by the Discovery Channel. I worked as a mate on a dive charter boat from the time I was 14 till I was 18 so I have seen a lot of sharks. I was spearfishing a lot, which many claim is the all-time way to meet your demise at the jaws of a shark. The truth is that sharks usually view humans with one of two emotions: If the shark is smaller than you they will usually high tail it away from you. If the shark is larger than you they will usually just ignore you. I have been within 20 feet of a large tiger shark with a stringer full of dying, bleeding fish and have only been bitten by a shark once!

I see you there, raising your eyebrows trying to figure out how could someone who has been bitten by a shark claim they are not monsters. Let me explain. The only time I was bitten was when I had caught a 3-foot shark off the pier and dropped him on the deck to remove the hook. He was flopping around and managed to get a bite of my ankle. Luckily it was cold and I had sweatpants, thick socks and long johns on so it didn’t even break the skin. So, yes, if you put a cheeseburger on the beach baited up with a hook, drug me under the water (cause it’s hard to resist a good burger) and got too close I might bite ya too. To be continued ...

The fishing report

This week we have been seeing a ton of mahi in the stream as well as some decent numbers of cobia close to the beach. The piers are reporting some Spanish and blues as well as a mixed bag of spots, mullets and croaker on the bottom rigs. The surf has some decent sea mullet fishing, as well as some good sized black drum. The flounder bite is starting to pick up on the soundside. Speckled trout open back up June 15, and there are some biguns around. The red drum fishing is still off the hook in the creeks as well as the flats.

Tight lines and fair winds.


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