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Fall Medley of Recipes

Glazed Lemon Mini-cakes: Makes at least 24 mini cakes. These can be converted to orange or lime cakes by substituting orange or lime (use half the measurements when using limes) for the ingredients of lemon.

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 03:26 PM.

Fall Medley of Recipes

This week I bring you some really nice recipes for the fall. The Florentine dish is a nice change of pace to spaghetti meals and isn’t difficult to make. It’s healthy for you, too. I also enjoy the dish with shrimp or scallops.

The lemon mini cakes are very refreshing and can be made in orange or lime, but use half the amounts for the lime because limes are more tart than the lemons or oranges.

Peaches are still in season, so this peach dessert is a treat as we go into the fall, but strawberries or blueberries may be substituted. 

I’m very fond of creamed spinach and this dish works well with special occasions and meals. 

Try the spaghetti squash this fall. It looks like spaghetti after it’s cooked and has a pleasant taste to it. Tomato sauce may or may not be used with it. I use a little cinnamon and sometimes a little half and half, but not with the tomato sauce, this is when I’m cooking it plain. Enjoy!


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