• Some healthy options for back-to-school lunches

    Lunches and snacks for back-to-school students can be very healthy and tasty. Fruits and vegetables along with nuts, raisins and dried cranberries add a nutritional value to the menu. Plastic containers help to make serving varieties of choices, and they seal in the freshness of the food. READ MORE

  • Getting back to the basics is an affordable option

    Congratulations to the State of Tennessee for re-instituting the importance of cursive writing. READ MORE

  • Fishing heats up as weather starts to cool

    September is a special month here at Topsail. It is the harbinger of fall — hopefully, anyway. The weather starts to cool and the fish feel the need to start bulking up for the winter or their migration to the south or north, depending on the species. READ MORE

  • Meat-free dishes lighten up a summer menu

    Here are a few of my special summer recipes that I enjoy making for guests or a special family meal. READ MORE

  • Safety rules can apply to both guns and water

    Guns and Water READ MORE

  • Honey-lime chicken wings combine sweet, sour

    Chicken with lime juice and honey has a nice sweet and sour taste. Use the lime juice to taste, the more lime juice the more sour the taste. I sometimes add a little lemon juice to the mixture to soften the twang to the taste. Experiment with the best flavor for your taste. READ MORE

  • Gun safety important for all ages.

    This week I have the privilege of teaching a Gun Safety Camp for kids through the Surf City Community Center. This camp is designed for 9-14 year olds but the information is pertinent to people of all ages. READ MORE

  • It is ‘football’ season once again

    Lil Tunny, football, blood bucket and Euthynnus alletteratus are all names for false albacore, which will be here soon. These little speedsters are among my top three fish to catch (tarpon, red drum and false albacore). They are fast, powerful, are mostly caught sight casting but are not very good fare for the table. False albacore are often mistaken for Atlantic bonita which are usually here in the spring. Bonita is mighty fine on the table, but falsies — not so much. The easiest way to tell them apart is their teeth. Bonita have them and falsies do not (really teeny small ones that are of no consequence). Bonita possess teeth like a Spanish, which can cut ya good. I have eaten falsies as sushi and boiled fillets to make tuna salad, but they are best as a catch and release fish. READ MORE

  • Wet weather promotes fungal diseases

    Much of the Southeast has recently experienced the typical summer pattern of frequent late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall combined with high humidity creates a favorable environment for plant diseases. Our wet, warm weather adds up to fungus “heaven” in our lawns, landscapes and gardens. READ MORE

  • Crabbing an inexpensive way to entertain the kids

    Crabs are probably the first quarry we have pursued since our childhood. READ MORE