• Spring Brunch Recipes

    A special brunch for the spring holidays brings a delightful touch to any guest table. Here are a few of my favorite brunch recipes. Add one or more of these to your brunch choices. READ MORE

  • If you’re looking for realism in law enforcement, don’t look to cop shows

    Cop shows on television do not do the real world any justice, in fact, I think they may in fact harm the actual working forces behind true law enforcement. READ MORE

  • Spring recipes help usher in new season of eating

    The spring holidays awaken the desire for different recipes to greet the budding season. Here is a selection that would add a nice touch to a holiday menu. READ MORE

  • Volunteers sought for upcoming Camp Davis anniversary celebration

    In the last few weeks the gun world has been swirling with the ATF’s consideration of banning the “Green tip” 5.56 ammo for AR-15s. Almost 100,000 people picked up their phones or sent emails and let their thoughts be known. The result? The ATF posted last week that it has retracted it proposed ban. READ MORE

  • Enjoy the lunch of the Irish

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and may all your Irish dreams come true. Here is a collection of some typical fare that the Irish people in Ireland might prepare for the feast day. Corned beef is not the top item on their menu, because of the reminders of eating that when they were in hard times. Ham is generally a good main course, served with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. READ MORE

  • Common sense shouldn’t require laws governing it

    How embarrassing is it that we as a society must create laws called “Pop Tart Gun Bill for Common Sense.” READ MORE

  • Plentiful seafood works well in an array of dishes

    Fish and seafood are plentiful here on the East Coast of North Carolina. Recipes for these treasures from the ocean can be simple to make to elegant and elaborate. Fish and seafood are low in calories yet very high in protein and omega-3. They work well in almost any style of cooking; broiling, boiling, grilling, frying, baking, and stir fries and more. READ MORE

  • One person can make a difference

    Let’s get one thing straight: No law abiding, mentally stable, responsible gun owner partakes in “gun violence.” That is a term exclusive to criminals. It is a shame when polls are taken and the term “gun violence” is associated with law abiding citizens. That needs to stop. If you watch the news it seems that many of those committing violent acts with guns are somewhat involved with drugs. Maybe we should make drugs illegal. Oops. Guess that didn’t work. READ MORE

  • Add brown or black rice to enhance meals

    Chicken is great for tasty dishes. This chicken Marsala wine dish goes well with an added green salad and a loaf of Italian or French bread with roasted garlic topping. It is a perfect dish for winter dinners. READ MORE

  • Don’t get caught up in panic caused by misinformation

    Sig Sauer, Inc. did something this week that more people should do: They called out something that was an “opinion” and not a fact. READ MORE