• Give the gift of homemade with gifts-in-a-jar

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here are a few recipes to add to your holiday table. The bourbon meatball recipe and the cranberry sauce are from the October and November cooking workshops at the Hampstead Library. READ MORE

  • When Christmas is in the air

    Nothing says I trust you and love you like a Gift Certificate to a gun shop for Christmas! Oh what fun. Now listen, just because you aren’t a gun nut doesn’t mean you can’t learn by taking a class or picking up some pepper spray. The gun world is not just about guns. It is a collaboration of people from all over the world and of all ages sharing a common belief: that guns offer more than just self-defense. READ MORE

  • Baking cookies a favorite Christmas tradition

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! READ MORE

  • A new year brings new garden resolutions

    Well, it is almost a new year and a new beginning for the garden. In the months of January and February the weather is cooler and there is less work to be done. It is a great time to plan for the upcoming spring. READ MORE

  • The feathers of our society are being ruffled once more

    Unless you don’t own any form of electronics you have been made aware of the social unrest regarding the police brutality cases fanning out across our country. White officers, black males. Seems to be a pattern, but we have to be so careful to snap to a judgment that blankets everyone. READ MORE

  • Think smaller portions when cooking for holiday gatherings

    The cooking workshop was such a wonderful success and everyone enjoyed the Christmas goodies of cookies, candies, fruit cakes, breads, gifts in a jar, and so many other tasty dishes. It was so much holiday fun to say the least. The recipes for the tasty dishes are in this column. READ MORE

  • There’s a full house at the sea turtle hospital

    Yes, we have no bananas, but we did have banana boxes full of turtles arrive at our hospital the day before Thanksgiving. READ MORE

  • Save the snapping turtle and new N.C. laws that take effect

    There are new rules that went into effect Dec. 1 for you to abide by. First, there will be much stiffer penalties if you are caught carrying a concealed weapon without a Conceal & Carry permit. If you are a law abiding citizen, please go ahead and take the class, turn in your paperwork and be done with it. If you are a criminal, this is a great time to start anew. READ MORE

  • Make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers

    If you prepared the holiday dinner, the after Thanksgiving leftovers are delicious and can be put into many recipes; here are a few dishes that you might like. READ MORE

  • Time to plan the Thanksgiving Day menu

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you and yours. Be thankful for all that you have, especially your abundance of food. READ MORE