• Menu showcases easy-to-make Italian dishes

    The Italian Cooking workshop at the Hampstead Library was a wonderful success. Everyone enjoyed the various selections of Italian cuisine offerings. The recipes from the event are included here. They are easy to prepare and make and some may be made the day before for ease in preparation. READ MORE

  • Dare’s Reef grows again — this time with fellow turtles

    We are really, really good at what we do; rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles and sending them home. But sometimes, no matter how hard we work and pray for a miracle it just doesn’t happen. That was the case in 2005 when after six years we lost our beloved Kemp’s “Dare” from a compounding of ills. But as devastating as it was to our volunteers something amazing originated from her death: “Dare’s Reef.” READ MORE

  • We put our faith in others and sometimes we must be wary

    The Department of Justice and FBI acknowledged that evidence reported on by their “examiners” and supposed specialists regarding hair forensic matches used in criminal cases during the 1980s through 2000 was flawed. Flawed? Not only did they claim that is was flawed, but they also state in almost 100 percent of the cases it was overstated or incorrect. READ MORE

  • Orange, vanilla smoothie tastes like childhood

    Here is a selection of tasty recipes for a delightful Sunday dinner with family and/ or guests. READ MORE

  • Don’t skimp on safety equipment

    You are born with one set of ears and one set of eyes. These are not things that grow back when damaged and need to be cared for during you entire life. READ MORE

  • Lighten up the dinner table with vegetable-based dishes

    With spring there is an abundance of fresh vegetables in the markets. READ MORE

  • Back to the basics — one more time

    With tourist season upon on us in full swing, it is very common to hear questions such as, “What do I need to purchase a gun in North Carolina?” READ MORE

  • Start the day with a flavorful French toast

    Lamb is a tasty main dish for an Easter or holiday dinner. The lamb recipe here is for lamb lollipop chops, cut French style, which are very attractive on a plate and have a pleasant meaty taste. Cooking the lamb until rare is the preferred way of preparation. Serve with chilled mint jelly. READ MORE

  • Event to recognize 75th Anniversary of Camp Davis

    On April 25 the Holly Ridge Business Owners are holding the 75th anniversary of Camp Davis in Holly Ridge and expect approximately 5,000 visitors during the event. READ MORE

  • Remember the power of words

    Each and every one of us encounter words each day. They are written, heard and said. There is power in those words and depending on how they are used, emotions can be swayed. READ MORE