• Time to take a step back and breathe

    Sears apologizes for sale of swastika rings. READ MORE

  • Pumpkin good for much more than just Halloween displays

    Happy Halloween! Pumpkins are a specialty of the holiday and here are some pumpkin recipes to add to the occasion. READ MORE

  • With fall comes treats

    Here are some comfort dishes to make for the fall season. READ MORE

  • A bit of knowledge may help prevent future tragedies

    I experienced something so wasteful and disgusting that I must share. Shortly after noon one day last week, I received a phone call from the Holly Ridge Police Department. I was told that two men had been found, scantily dressed, on their hands and knees in broad daylight, inhaling Freon from a Central AC unit at my trailer park. It was suggested that I come there, which I did. Within an hour it was evident that almost $10,000 worth of damage had been done – numerous AC units had been damaged and the Freon drained. Apparently the two men had gotten into an altercation and had damaged one of the vacant units by smashing a window, a door and indoor light fixtures. So much for respecting the property of others. READ MORE

  • You are always your first line of defense

    Do we really need to trust those in power without question? I think not. READ MORE

  • Apple recipes to celebrate the crisp fall

    It’s that glorious time of the year when apples are everywhere. Apples are considered to be the most popular fruit, with red and golden delicious apples at the top of the list. Apples can be tracked back to ancient times. They were first brought to North Carolina in the 1700’s by early settlers. Henderson County is still one of the main regions where apples are gown in North Carolina. READ MORE

  • Cook up award-winning rice dishes

    The first annual N.C. Rice Festival 2014, held in Belville in Brunswick County by the riverside, was a complete success. Kudos go to W.C. Lanier and his wonderful staff who brought back the history, taste and culture of Carolina rice from both North and South Carolina. READ MORE

  • Stupid is stupid and you can never be too careful

    This week a Pennsylvania man was arrested for shooting a bullet through his neighbor’s window. During his arraignment he confessed that he was unfamiliar with guns and that was the only way he knew to clear the chamber. OMG, don’t get me started. Really? Was the ground unavailable? What part of his brain thought, “Hey, that looks like a nice safe option, let’s shoot through a house.” No way, folks. I call B.S. on that one. If at any time you agree with this man, please call me and I will be more than happy to offer you such much better advice. READ MORE

  • Bad guys are getting out of jail

    Bad guys are getting out of jail (without permission) while uninvited visitors are opening the door to the White House. A former police officer leads other law enforcement officers on a wild high speed chase while shooting his pistol out the window — landing him seven attempted murder charges. A survivalist is hiding out in a Pennsylvania forest after allegedly shooting two state troopers, killing one. Sounds like the making of a strange Hollywood movie, but sadly it’s not. This is the real world folks, a real life script for disaster. READ MORE

  • Crisp apples pair well with fall

    Apples of many varieties are plentiful this time of year. Mixing different types of apples will make for interesting flavors, experiment. Find the apples you enjoy and bake away or just enjoy raw with some cheese and maybe a glass of wine. READ MORE