• Know your numbers and make them count

    This is the time of year when property owners are receiving those dreaded tax bills, but did you know: READ MORE

  • Organic the best choice for select fruits, vegetables

    There is so much discussion these days about buying and eating organic foods. READ MORE

  • It makes no sense to me

    Eric Garner of New york died while being wrestled to the ground to be handcuffed. The 43-year-olds crime? The officers suspected he was selling “loose cigarettes” without a tax stamp on a sidewalk. Shouldn’t a tax crime fall under the IRS and not the police? READ MORE

  • Get creative with summer fruit

    Here are some easy to make summer fruit recipes. Become creative and see what you can com up with. READ MORE

  • Intern follows in her sister’s footsteps to turtle hospital

    We expect our interns to be on their toes, but until now we never had one that could literally do just that. Cara Cook danced her way into our program after spending several years as a professional ballerina. And her younger sister, who’s in her third year as one of our junior interns, also had quite a bit to do with Cara’s decision to sign on. Being part of a dance company (including time with the Georgia Ballet) left little occasion for Cara to do much of anything else. But now, after completing her freshman year at Oberlin College (Ohio) she’s determined to devote time to pursuing her many other interests. READ MORE

  • Night time is the right time for fishing

    The sweat is pouring and your eyes are stinging from the combination of bright sun and sweat. It’s too hot to wear a long sleeve shirt, but the sun is so bright you will be burnt to a crisp if you don’t! Your partner is crying about the frosty beverages getting hot too quick to drink a whole one! The inlet looks like a parking lot, and the point reminds you of the lawn at the Jimmy Buffet concert you went too last week. READ MORE

  • Add fruit to the menu to help keep hydrated during summer heat

    Summer fruits are plentiful this year with peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and more. READ MORE

  • Peachland intern has eye on veterinary career

    Austin Herms, a Peachland native, has a plan for his future; and now he can check “internship with sea turtles” off of his to-do list. Austin is studying molecular biology at East Carolina University where he recently completed a study on toxicity. His research was conducted on nematodes and the effect of nickel exposure on their genes. That kind of data is interesting and relevant to our work because we have seen what swimming in and ingesting water polluted with heavy metals and other chemicals does to our patients. (It’s not pretty.) READ MORE

  • South wind affects surf

    Well, surfers and surfettes, we had a few days of surf; but man this south wind has really set up on us. If you are trying to surf, the best times have been in the morning on both ends of the island. So far the best spots have been on the north side of Jolly Roger Pier before the wind gets too strong. There is a low pressure coming our way so hang in there READ MORE

  • Facts vs. opinions: Leave your opinions at the door

    Today it is very difficult in our society to determine the difference between opinions and facts. Websites make everything so official looking and once someone reaches the information they are searching for, they stop looking. We’ve all done it. How many times have you only heard bits and pieces of a story and created a complete tale that was completely wrong? We’re human, it happens. READ MORE