Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary has the chance to win $50,000 and they need your vote.

The Eagle Rare Life Award 2017 contest honors those who lead rare lives and each person or organization’s story is submitted in one of six categories: courage, leadership, survival, devotion, character and heroism.

Possumwood Acres founder Toni O’Neal and the sanctuary were nominated within the character category for O’Neal’s commitment to wildlife and passion for rehabilitation and education.

“Possumwood Acres can’t just be run by volunteers and (myself) anymore. We have more than 1,200 admissions a year so we really need to become a formalized center. It’s just gotten to be where we need to have a real staff,” O’Neal said on Tuesday.

Ideally, the $50,000 would be used to hire an experienced and licensed Rehabilitation Coordinator, alongside the current staff positions of Education Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator, O’Neal said.

“Winning the $50,000 would mean everything to the sanctuary, we need to make sure we have the staff to run this place and really be in good shape to be sustainable in the future,” O’Neal said.

As O’Neal spends more time running the administrative duties of the nonprofit such as grant writing, a formalized staff and center will ensure the survival of Possumwood Acres beyond O’Neal’s involvement.

If Possumwood Acres wins the $50,000, the money will fund up to five years worth of salary for a future Rehabilitation Coordinator, O’Neal says.

As of Tuesday, Possumwood Acres has a total of 3,299 votes and 14,420 views on their page.

At the end of voting the top 30 nominees to receive the most votes overall, regardless of category will be considered for the Grand Prize and the 2017 Eagle Rare Life Award, according to the website.

The Grand Prize totals $50,000 which is donated by Eagle Rare to the charity of their choice. Eagle Rare will also host a local award reception for the Grand Prize award winner, according to the website.

The community can vote every 24 hours through Jan. 4.

Visit EagleRareLife.com/content/toni-oneil to vote.