To help, email or call the sponsor line at 910 382-3555. For general information, call 910- 347-4646. A full list of cases is available at Just click on Christmas Cheer. Deadline for sponsors to adopt cases is Dec. 7. If you’d like to donate but not sponsor, bring a new unwrapped toy or toys to the Christmas Cheer Center, 1210 Hargett Street. If you prefer to make a financial donation, which is used to purchase special items, you may bring your donation to the Christmas Cheer Center, or mail it to: Christmas Cheer, 600 Court Street, Jacksonville NC 28540.

Case 4154
Working parents of three children are asking for help after father fell behind on bills and debts after Hurricane Matthew caused pay to be interrupted. Father works while mother stays home with youngest child. Family could use help with clothing and toys for the children, two sons aged 15 and 11 and a daughter aged 8.

Case 4134
Single mother of a 1.5-year-old child who has had multiple brain surgeries and has endured a constant battle to stay out of the hospital. His mother cannot work as she stays at home to care for him around the clock. They must travel to Duke Hospital once a week for his care, and he has other doctor visits frequently. Several times the power has been turned off for lack of payment as she balances a limited public assistance with special needs for her son. Her battle to save her son has caused some in the community to donate to help her after the father abandoned her and the child. She has two college aged children who will be home for Christmas and who are on their own. Family asks for help with food and special items for the child.

Case 4168
Single mother of a six-year-old abandoned by the father of the child from a domestic situation. Now her son suffers frequent hospitalization and treatment resulting from having only one kidney removed and a stage 4 disease in his remaining kidney. The child must go to the Chapel Hill hospital frequently. Family asks for help with food, toys for the child and other assistance as appropriate.

Case 4170
Extended family of 8 caused by special circumstances. Father in home was laid off from his job. Mother is the only one working and only part time. The family took in brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and their son. While the brother-in-law looks for work the extended family pools income to pay bills. Still they need help to provide items for their children for Christmas and asks for toys for the girls aged 12, and 2, and boys aged 12, 11, 7 and 6.

Case 4176
Mother of four has been in and out of homeless conditions and is seeking to escape an unsafe situation before Christmas. This family is moving and will not have funds to help with items for Christmas for the four children. Last year they were homeless at Christmas, but this year they hope to have a safe place to live. She works for a small wage and has two sons, aged 16 and 12 and two daughters aged 13 and 10. Help with food for the family and clothing for the children would be appreciated.

Case 4185
Extended family with single mother taking care of her two disabled children and her senior aged mother. She has to stay at home to care for the children including an infant child born last year. Father of the children provides no assistance and mother is asking for help at Christmas for the children and the family. Items for her senior mother would also be appreciated.