Parents are invited to learn about potential hiding spots for drugs in a child’s bedroom as part of an ongoing effort to educate families and reduce drug overdoses in Onslow County.

A mock bedroom will be set up this weekend that’s designed to show parents what drugs look like and how to search for them in their children’s bedroom, according to the PEACE Foundation’s website.

PEACE, or Prescription Education Abuse Counseling Empowerment, educates the public and provides knowledge to recognize and stop drug abuse, according to their site.

The Bedroom Project teaches parents how to conduct proper safety sweeps, how to look for signs of drug abuse and more.

In Onslow County, Sneads Ferry’s HOPE, or Heroin Opiate Prevention Education, provides many of free resources including bringing The Bedroom Project to the area.

“During the addiction you’re stuck . . . you don’t realize any (way) out,” said Cindy Patane, a mother whose son, Matt Eyster, died of an overdose in April.

Since his death Patane has worked to help other parents and raise awareness in the community, including helping establish HOPE.

“The more that parents are educated, the more that they can help their child,” Patane said.

She didn’t know who to turn to when Eyster was using drugs, she said, and having the knowledge of knowing where to turn, who can help and how to recognize that your child needs help is a big start in the right direction.

On Saturday, PEACE is going to show approximately 70 potential hiding spots in a child’s room, Patane said.

The event will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday at Salem Baptist Church, located at 198 Sneads Ferry Road in Sneads Ferry.

Patane said she would open the doors around 4:30 p.m. and recommends getting there early so the presentation can begin right at 5 p.m. She plans to set out notepads and pens for attendees to take notes, but no one needs to bring anything with them, she said.

The presentation is open to everyone but children under the age of 18 are not allowed, she said.