With the general election looming, political signs dot the county, representing the various open positions within government and the people vying for them.

But with Hurricane Matthew the signs’ impact on potential voters might not be exactly what was intended.

“We are pulling up our signs to keep them from being blown away. We plan to put them back out after the storm passes,” Onslow County Board of County Commissioners candidate Robin Knapp said. “We hope that anyone who sees one of our signs that we may have missed will collect them and then reposition them once the storm passes.”

Most hurricane preparedness websites encourage homeowners to bring in or tie down any loose patio furniture or yard décor, which could include signs of support. According to the Onslow County Board of Elections homeowners with political signs in their yards are responsible for those signs.

After placing more than 200 signs, Knapp and his campaign team said they decided to hold off on adding to their collection until Hurricane Matthew runs its course.

Opponent Mark Price has decided to leave his signs where they are and pick up the pieces afterwards.

Since September Price’s team has placed almost 200 signs he said.

“We are not putting anymore out for danger of them being blow away,” Price said. “We are also not going to pick them up. We hope the storm will bend out into the ocean and won’t be so bad that the signs will blow away.

“We will be replacing those that happen to be missing. We will try to find them and pick them up and get them back in their place.”