Unemployment decreased in 90 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, including Carteret, Duplin and Jones counties. according to data released Wednesday by N.C. Commerce.

The rate in Onslow County, however, remained at 5.5 percent from June to July, according to the data.

Carteret County had a slight decrease to 4.6 percent in July.

Duplin County’s unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percent to 5.2 percent, according to the data. Jones County’s dropped 0.2 percent to 4.9 percent.

County unemployment
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Labor Force: 62,896

Unemployed: 3,438

July Rate: 5.5

June Rate: 5.5


Labor Force: 4,743

Unemployed: 233

July Rate: 4.9

June Rate: 5.1


Labor Force: 26,872

Unemployed: 1,399

July Rate: 5.2

June Rate: 5.5


Labor Force: 33,185

Unemployed: 1,525

July Rate: 4.6

June Rate: 4.8

Scotland County had the highest unemployment rate at 9.0 percent, according to the data, while Buncombe County had the lowest at 3.8 percent.