Today's News

  • CRC approves request for bigger sandbags in N. Topsail

    The Coastal Resources Commission has unanimously approved a request from a North Topsail Beach homeowners’ association to increase the size of a sandbag revetment in front of several condominium facilities. READ MORE

  • Gardening in a changing climate

    Weather is something that happens all the time, and there is probably no one who understands that better than gardeners. Even if you are not a gardener, you are most certainly affected by the climate in some way, even if it is just to complain about how hot it gets down here. Whatever your personal beliefs, there can be no denying that it is time we start talking about a changing climate and its impacts to our landscape. READ MORE

  • Area happenings

    Oktoberfest The three-day Oktoberfest celebration to benefit Onslow Community Outreach kicks off at 6 p.m. Oct. 23 with a wine and beer tasting at Biagio’s, 622 Court St. in Jacksonville. Ticke... READ MORE

  • Police blotter

    Police blotter
    North Topsail Beach Police Department
    Oct. 6 through 12
    Chief Casey Fillinger 910-328-0042
    Assault on a female 1
    DWI 1

  • Time to take a step back and breathe

    Sears apologizes for sale of swastika rings. READ MORE

  • Pumpkin good for much more than just Halloween displays

    Happy Halloween! Pumpkins are a specialty of the holiday and here are some pumpkin recipes to add to the occasion. READ MORE

  • Topsail Reef Homeowners Association seeks larger sandbag revetment

    The sandbag structure protecting the buildings at the Topsail Reef condominium complex from erosion may be getting reinforcement. READ MORE

  • With fall comes treats

    Here are some comfort dishes to make for the fall season. READ MORE

  • Area happenings

    Salon Blue Hair Salon, located in Holly Ridge, is holding their second annual fundraiser this month. READ MORE

  • A bit of knowledge may help prevent future tragedies

    I experienced something so wasteful and disgusting that I must share. Shortly after noon one day last week, I received a phone call from the Holly Ridge Police Department. I was told that two men had been found, scantily dressed, on their hands and knees in broad daylight, inhaling Freon from a Central AC unit at my trailer park. It was suggested that I come there, which I did. Within an hour it was evident that almost $10,000 worth of damage had been done – numerous AC units had been damaged and the Freon drained. Apparently the two men had gotten into an altercation and had damaged one of the vacant units by smashing a window, a door and indoor light fixtures. So much for respecting the property of others. READ MORE