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  • Police blotter

    Police blotter

    North Topsail Beach Police Department

    Chief Casey Fillinger 910-328-0042


    Surf City Police Department

    (April 8 through 14)

    Chief Mike Halstead 910-328...


  • When scary things happen, be prepared

    This week one of my dear friends had a direct encounter with someone unsavory. While home with her grandchildren and getting ready for work, she looked out the front door and found a young man, shirtless and his pants hanging low, standing at the door. He was a stranger and not from the area. When she asked him what he wanted he held up a slip of paper and said he needed a ride to a local pharmacy to get his Oxycodone. READ MORE

  • Culinary herb gardening a tasty money-saver

    The struggling economy has many people looking for ways to save money. One way to cut corners is to grow your own food. Growing your own will also ensure you know where your food was grown, what type of fertilizers were used in its production, and if any pesticides or fungicides were applied. READ MORE

  • Cook in advance to enjoy the Easter holiday

    Happy Easter! Here are a few recipes to help make the day special. Some of the recipes may be made in advance. READ MORE

  • Our place in the food chain needs to be handled with care

    The phrase “Butterfly Effect” was coined by Dr. Edward Norton Lorenz (a mathematician and expert in chaos theory) and refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location through a chain reaction. This is an interesting theory and one I agree with. It means that any action one takes affects everything. We may think we are small and insignificant creatures in this huge universe, but we must remember that everything we do has cause and effect. This, in turn, means that our place in the food chain needs to be handled with great care. We are on the top of the food chain (usually), and with great powers come great responsibility. READ MORE

  • Pender County Health Department welcomes new family practice physician

    Dr. Adrienne Deupree Fehr, DO, will begin seeing patients at the Pender County Health Department starting on April 22. READ MORE

  • North Topsail Beach mayor testifies before a House natural resources subcommittee

    North Topsail Beach Mayor Daniel Tuman testified earlier this month before a House Natural Resources subcommittee in support of H.R. 187. READ MORE

  • Early forecast predicts quiet 2014 Atlantic hurricane season

    A below-average hurricane season is being predicted but that does not mean area residents should be any less prepared for the possibility. READ MORE

  • Topsail Area Happenings

    The Topsail Island Association of Realtors will host an Open House Weekend on May 3 with more than 50 homes holding open houses for the public to tour, give feedback and potentially win some great prizes. READ MORE

  • Pollen levels remain high

    The start of spring is traditionally when Eastern North Carolina begins to see high pollen levels. READ MORE