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  • Add some zest to your cooking with citrus

    With winter months come the shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables that we see during the summer months, but there are many seasonal delights that can be enjoyed this time of the year. READ MORE

  • Beekeeper provides sweet support to turtles

    One thing we can say about Ed Hutchison is that “he’s a real honey.” A few weeks ago we told you how we have been using honey to treat various types of wounds on several of our patients. And we’ve continued with the practice as it’s proven remarkably effective. The turtles seem to actually enjoy resting “sweetly” in their tank under the watchful eye of a volunteer who sits with them for the entire hour, or longer. But there’s much more to this story. READ MORE

  • Area happenings

    Mardi Gras
    The Catholic Community of Sneads Ferry will be holding its 10th annual Mardi Gras Celebration on Feb. 17 at the Sneads Ferry Community Center, 126 Park Lane in Sneads Ferry. Social...

  • Police blotter

    North Topsail Beach Police Department
    Chief Casey Fillinger 910-328-0042
    Surf City Police Department
    Jan. 13 through 19
    Chief Mike Halstead 910-328-7711

  • Freedom is alive and well, and it’s time to celebrate!

    For those of you who know me, I can be a bit stubborn — maybe even a bit overbearing at times. But I promise you my intentions are not harmful. Mostly I just see something that needs to be done and I do it. Life is too short to ponder. READ MORE

  • Chili recipes for chilly weather

    Almost everyone has a chili recipe, whether it’s a traditional recipe passed down through generations or a recipe that has a new take with new spices or a vegetarian “take” on a favorite recipe. Here are a few various selections that you might want to try and possibly add to your collection of chili recipes. READ MORE

  • Time for accountability

    Based on local reports, during the afternoon of Dec. 26, a woman shoots her husband, killing him and then lights him on fire in his bed. Distraught, she takes the firearm and puts it into her car and drives herself to the Holly Ridge police department to turn herself in. This never happens on TV. READ MORE

  • Hospitals fight spread of flu

    Local hospitals experienced an increase in flu cases recently and providers are tightening guidelines on visitation to reduce the illness. READ MORE

  • Events offer chance for snow

    Jan. 17’s forecast for Onslow Pines Park: 100 percent chance of snow. READ MORE

  • Surf City Cape Fear campus on track

    Construction of Cape Fear Community College’s Surf City campus is on track to be completed this month with classes starting in May, according to a college official. READ MORE