To help, email or call the sponsor line at 910 382-3555. For general information, call 910- 347-4646. A full list of cases is available at Just click on Christmas Cheer. Deadline for sponsors to adopt cases is Dec. 7. If you’d like to donate but not sponsor, bring a new unwrapped toy or toys to the Christmas Cheer Center, 1210 Hargett Street. If you prefer to make a financial donation, which is used to purchase special items, you may bring your donation to the Christmas Cheer Center, or mail it to: Christmas Cheer, 600 Court Street, Jacksonville NC 28540.

Case 4143
Single father with two children ages 16 and 12. The mother just passed away this year and the family is struggling after hospital and funeral bills. The father is looking to provide his children with a nice Christmas.

Case 4177
A single mother of three in the Hunters Creek area requests help for Christmas this year. She recently moved to the area to provide a better life for her daughters (4, 5 and 8). She is working, but her income is not sufficient to pay their expenses plus provide Christmas for the children.

Case 4196
A 44-year-old daughter is caring for her 71-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s. They had a fire in August and are trying to get back on their feet. Their expenses exceed their income and without help, there will be no funds to provide Christmas dinner. They request food for the holiday season.

Case 4241
Single mother in the Hunters Creek area was displaced from her home when the owner was foreclosed on. The family lost more during Hurricane Matthew. Several of the children have medical conditions and/or disabilities. VA has stopped payments and SSI has decreased. She would like to be able to provide Christmas for her sons aged 4, 11 and 13 and her 14-year-old daughter; however, her expenses far exceed her income.

Case 4247
A single father with three children required surgery in June and has been unable to work. He is now seeking employment but is behind in all of his bills. When he is able to find a job, he will be playing catch-up to get past-due bills paid. The children, ages 4, 6 and 7, are in the Meadowview School area. The father would appreciate assistance in providing Christmas for his family.

Case 4210
A single mother with three children ages 9 months, 2, and 6 in the Maysville area is in need of help providing Christmas for her family this year. She works, but does not make enough to cover routine expenses and buy gifts for the children. She would like her children to have a Merry Christmas and appreciates whatever help can be provided.

Case 4240
This Christmas is especially hard for a family in Hubert. This single mother has six children between 7 and 14 (7-year-old twin sons, 8-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter, and 12 and 14-year-old sons). One of the children has leukemia and another has a seizure disorder requiring frequent visits to Greenville and Chapel Hill. She lost one child to SIDS at 4 months old. The mother is not able to work because of the time necessary to care for her children. Her income is not adequate to pay expenses and purchase Christmas gifts of the children.

Case 4232
Single mother of a 9-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter in the Southwest area is currently unemployed. The family recently had to move. Due to bedbug infestation, they had to get rid of their bedroom furniture. She requests help in providing her children with a Merry Christmas. The children need clothes, shoes, toys and learning activities.

Case 4219
A mother in the Northside area is going through a divorce and has medical problems that prevent her from working. She has custody of her 17-year-old daughter and 2-year-old grandson. Her normal monthly expenses far exceed what she receives in child support and alimony; therefore, she is unable to provide Christmas gifts for her daughter and grandson. She requests assistance in giving her family a happy holiday.

Case 4258
A single mother of three (3 months, 4 and 12) in the Southwest area is living with her child’s grandmother to help care for her. She recently had a baby and has been unable to work. She receives child support only sporadically and it does not nearly meet the needs of the family. The mother requests assistance providing Christmas for her family.

Case 4207
A young single mother in Jacksonville is the sole provider for her four children ages 1, 2, 4 and 7. She was unexpectedly laid off from her job; therefore, she is in a dire financial situation. She receives no child support and the meager unemployment compensation she receives does not even pay the bills. She requests help in providing Christmas for her son and three daughters.

Case 4883
Mother of a teenaged child in high school is unable to work due to health and mental issues. She is able to only work 2-3 days a week in 4-6 hours shifts due to these issues. She does not make enough to pay her bills, frequently skips payments which deepens her debt. She is applying for disability but that has not been processed. There are no funds for a Christmas for her daughter. She asks for help with items for the daughter and a Christmas meal.

Case 5028
Senior woman being cared for by her 21-year-old son. He volunteers regularly for others when not caring for his mother and has not been able to find a full-time job. She believes she should be able to work after 40 years of taking care of herself but she cannot. She has been given disability as she is unable medically to work. She seeks a Christmas dinner for her and her son, and something to remember the season.

Case 5063
Late 50s woman is a ward of Social Services as she is unable to take care of herself. She seeks to be remembered at Christmas with a gift and special food. Lives in the Hubert area.

Case 5145
40-something mother with stage 2 liver and lung cancer has had to have her 20-something daughter move in with her to help take care of her condition. She is unable to work. Similarly aged son was fired from his job and unable to find another. Family living off mother’s limited disability pay and asks for help with special Christmas food and any help they can receive. Live south of Jacksonville.

Case 5157
Senior lives in the Northwoods area and has been out of work for weeks. Asks for help with food and Christmas items.

Case 5163
Hubert area husband and wife both work, but with medical issues and being frequently out of work, they are never able to get ahead. The two — both in their 50s — have a history of a stroke, pancreatitis and other issues caused their lives to be driven by their medical issues. Seeking help with food and to be remembered at Christmas.

Case 5184
30-something mother is homeless, but works. She does not make enough to cover her bills had had to give up her children and her home. Her two sons now live with a daughter and another daughter lives with her aunt. She wants to be remembered at Christmas and is seeking assistance in any way.

Case 5195
Woman taking care of her elderly father with dementia who cannot be left alone and her teenaged niece abandoned by her mother. She has just landed an as-needed job which pays very little. Family living off her father’s disability, which does not allow for any significant Christmas for the teen. She’s asking for help with clothing and other items for the 13-year-old niece and any remembrance for her father. Food for the family would be appreciated.

Case 5212
87-year-old male retiree seeks food and Christmas remembrances. Basic needs taken care of, he just wants to be remembered at Christmas. Suggestions include desserts and special holiday foods.

Case 5213
62-year-old grandfather was given court ordered custody of his four grandchildren. He’s living on medical disability and one of the children does get some special public assistance. All the children attend school and the grandfather tries to take care of their needs but does not have funds for adequate clothing or something extra. He’s asking for help for the four: a granddaughter age 18 and three grandsons, ages 16, 10 and 9.