The creators of Explore Inshore love to highlight eastern North Carolina and its fishing opportunities.

Randy Nelson and James Holloway began fishing together as acquaintances. Now they’ve been producing footage for their YouTube channel, Explore Inshore, for three years now.

Together they turned their adventures into something people might see to people asking them to come along to film their fishing adventures, Nelson said. The show was originally called The Gotta Go Fishing Show.

Each year the pair tries to film at least 10 episodes, Holloway said, in a schedule that’s set about a year in advance. In 2016, the duo lined up fishing from Southport to the Outer Banks.

“I just kind of wanted to do my best and do my part to get eastern North Carolina fishing out there via the Internet,” Nelson said. “One good thing about the Internet is it’s becoming a huge part in our viewership.”

Although they try to pre-schedule their fishing trips, sometimes they don’t always work out the way they’d planned.

“It can be quite difficult to get the right type of quality for a fishing trip,” Nelson said. “We can’t predict the weather and we can’t predict if one of the guys is going to do a charter.”

Holloway agreed.

“Any time that you’re trying to make some kind of documentary that’s outdoors, there are many factors you cannot control like the weather and the mood, especially of fish,” he said. “Not every trip is successful and it’s a lot of time and effort, sometimes extended for no result or no return.”

Regardless of the challenges in planning a fishing trip, both fishermen enjoy what they do in different ways.

“The most rewarding part is the satisfaction of being able to help highlight whether it be the fishery or the fishing guides or the youth stuff that we do and getting them basically some exposure out there that will help them progress as a guide or their event or just the fishery in general,” Nelson said. “There’s no more satisfaction to me than when I get a comment from someone out of state.”

Typically how a fishing trip with Explore Inshore will work is they’ll go out on their client’s boat and film the trip as if it were a typical charter experience, Nelson said. He will do all the filming, while Holloway does a lot of the fishing when he’s not busy being a guide.

For Holloway, his drive to continue is all about the catch.

“(I love) the thrill of the hunt and being able to showcase the opportunities that eastern North Carolina has,” he said. “We live in a really diverse area here in North Carolina. We’re in the southern range for northern sport fish and in the northern range for southern sport fish.”

Looking toward the future, Holloway and Nelson are hoping to do some freshwater fishing in the state and are planning their first out-of-state guide trips in Charleston.

“I’m looking forward to getting out of our natural area and getting inland,” Holloway said.

In addition to partnering in Explore Inshore, Holloway has his own guide service, Neuse River Adventures. The service, headquartered out of New Bern, offers an in-shore fishing guide service in the eastern North Carolina area.

As a guide, Holloway wants their clients to gain something from their fishing trips.

“For one thing, I want them to have a good time,” he said. “I want them to approach a fishing trip as a learning experience. As a guide, I want them to experience fishing itself and want them to learn new techniques, like the rigging, or how to prep their equipment, and the approach to that species (they’re trying to catch).”

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