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  • Last, certainly not least

    This is not intern Karina Monroe’s first time at the rodeo, so to speak. This 2013 graduate of Chowan University in Murfreesboro cut her sea turtle teeth in Costa Rica. In 2005 Karina, who has “always loved sea turtles” spent time at a sea turtle reserve, working mainly on the beaches, patrolling for nesting mothers and hatchlings and protecting them from poachers. Costa Rica is a dangerous place for self-proclaimed sea turtle devotees, and you would be right in guessing that this is a lady willing to take a stand for what she believes in. READ MORE

  • Nesting winds down, hatching heats up

    We’re making steady progress at the new facility. After being delayed for what seemed like forever by backordered water system components enough of the stuff has arrived that we can almost get the thing up and flowing. We can’t wait to see what kind of adventures await us when we turn the valves and start making our own salt water! READ MORE

  • Here a nest, there a nest

    All that hard work those loggerhead mamas (and one green lady) put in over the summer is evident up and down our 26-mile beach. READ MORE

  • Turtle news: More turtle releases expected in September

    No one can say that we’re not able to go with the flow. READ MORE

  • Tortuga Lane now open, volunteers needed

    The Town of Surf City has graciously allowed us to use Community Center Dr. to access our facility while Tortuga Lane was under construction. Tortuga Lane is now open! With the opening of the new road the town has requested that we direct all our staff and visitors to begin using Tortuga Lane to get to our new hospital. READ MORE

  • Tortuga Lane now open, volunteers needed

    The new road to the hospital is open. READ MORE

  • Sea Turtle Hospital getting its move on

    The new water system will be totally installed and undergoing final testing by the time you read this. After watching the “pros” work we certainly made the right decision when we decided not to even attempt to do it on our own. Once we fill, run and flush the system at least once (to get all the plumbing debris and goo out of the pipes) we’ll drain and fill again, this time with salt water. We’ll do one final run to make sure there are absolutely no surprises before pronouncing it turtle-ready. READ MORE

  • Nearly 130 turtles in residence at new mainland facility

    We did it. READ MORE

  • Sea Turtle Hospital opens for tours and shopping

    After only three weeks our staff and turtles have comfortably settled into our new home and new routines. No doubt that the work of physically relocating the rest of our “stuff” will continue for many months, but that’s not stopping us from opening the doors to visitors on the two days following Thanksgiving. READ MORE

  • Turtle Hospital's opening draws thousands

    You “like” us! READ MORE

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