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  • Coffee shop volunteers get landscape work brewing at sea turtle hospital

    We had a lot of sticks and stones and other “stuff” on our property after several years of construction activity at our new sea turtle hospital. So while the inside was finally looking good, well, the outside not so much. And to get our certificate of occupancy from the town we needed to have the landscaping in place. We were stuck between a rock and more rocks! READ MORE

  • ‘Beach walkers’ sought for 2013 nesting, hatching season

    Like sand in your shoes? Then boogie on over to one of the training classes for Topsail Turtle Project volunteers. Seems like we just wrapped up the final numbers on last year’s activity and it’s already time to get our carapaces in gear for our 2013 nesting and hatching season. READ MORE

  • Students ‘spring’ into action at Sea Turtle Hospital

    ‘Tis the season, even though you couldn’t tell it by the weather around here, for spring break. While that may mean travelling for some fun in the sun for many students there are others who made very different plans for spending their time off. Luckily for us we had that second group: A dozen students (and their two program advisors) from the Integrated Life Sciences Honors Program at the University of Maryland trekked down to help us out at the hospital for an entire week. After a long winter tending to 58 patients, our volunteers are definitely showing signs of wear and tear. So when these energetic and strong freshmen and sophomores showed up to help us do whatever we needed done, we welcomed them with open arms. READ MORE

  • Longtime Topsail Turtle Project volunteer laid to rest

    Betsy Kautz, longtime hospital and Topsail Turtle Project volunteer who died in 2012 returned home last week to finally be laid to rest. Her family and friends from around the country joined together with her turtle hospital “family” at our new facility on a very rainy Friday afternoon to prepare Betsy for her final journey. In a few days she would be reunited with an old friend, “Dare,” not far from where they both spent many hours over many years. READ MORE

  • Newest patient April facing long road to recovery ahead

    It was literally raining sick turtles on us all winter, so once Spring finally rolled around we were hoping to see nothing more than actual rain during this proverbially wet month. We should have known better: April brought us “April,” and she is one lucky turtle. READ MORE

  • Moving on and moving in

    It’s one of the most anticipated days of the year for the volunteers and turtles at the hospital: the day our rehabilitated patients get their discharge papers and move on. For 28 turtles — one loggerhead, two Kemp’s Ridleys and 25 young greens — that day was last Wednesday. And after a record-breaking year for admits (65) we were all pretty happy to part ways. READ MORE

  • Intern ‘fascinated by turtles’ finds work with them enjoyable, rewarding

    One of the tenets of our mission statement is: “To provide an experiential learning site for students of biology, wildlife conservation, and/or veterinary medicine from around the world.” To that end we offer a 12-week college level internship. Those chosen for this highly sought-after position spend the summer working closely with our staff and patients, experiencing firsthand just what it means to commit blood, sweat and tears to every sea turtle coming through our doors. Over the next few weeks you’ll get to meet each of this year’s six summer interns. READ MORE

  • Another week, another intern to introduce

    When Tracy Wangui walked into our hospital on the interns’ first day we thought, “She looks kind of familiar.” It turns out we actually had seen her here before. Several years ago she came with a group of students from UNC Greensboro’s Office of Leadership Service and Learning. According to Tracy, on that trip “the hospital grabbed me and just wouldn’t let go!” READ MORE

  • Topsail a destination spot for nesting turtles

    We’ve been focusing on our summer interns for the past few weeks but now it’s time to turn our attention to another group; the hardest working ladies on our Topsail beaches, those mama Loggerheads. READ MORE

  • Sea Turtle Hospital intern a student of paleontology

    We’re whipping through the year, and despite having a (summer) record of more than 40 patients to care for, being up all night answering turtle calls and protecting nesting turtles on the beach, waking up in the early hours of the morning to monitor turtle nests and spending their afternoons getting the new hospital buffed for company our interns are alive and kickin’, and still smiling. Time to meet another one. READ MORE

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