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  • Surf's Up - April 4

    Well, surfers and surfettes, it has been a bad week for waves — not too good. READ MORE

  • Surf's Up - April 11

    Well, surfers and surfettes, last week was crazy with the low pressure coming across the states. We had a lot of rain, but man did it ever get good Friday with some power — we saw a few broke boards come through the shop. I don’t think it’s going to get that good this week, but we will start seeing some swell showing up as we get closer to the weekend. We do have a weather system that will be moving our way closer to Friday READ MORE

  • Surf's Up - May 2

    Good morning, surfers and surfettes. Hope you got to surf early this week. It was fun — nothing great, but fun. It is looking like closer to the weekend we will be seeing some swell from a little low pressure sitting off the coast. We should start seeing a increase in the waves around Thursday, and it should still be building by the weekend — nothing great big, but better than what we have had lately READ MORE

  • Surf's Up - May 9

    Well, surfers and surfettes, the swell last week was small for the most part, but fun. We did have an ESA contest at North Topsail Beach, and we had a some waves. The AB crowed showed up to surf — man, they are pretty good but being we had to deal with the wind and rain and all it was a good day. The Onshore team did well READ MORE

  • Surf report - May 16

    Well, surfers and surfettes, it is looking small all week long. The west winds have set in, and it is knocking the swell down as I write. I hope you got a chance to surf Monday. It was a great longboard wave all day long with a light offshore and waist-high swell, but the rest of the week is looking real small. The swell started dropping down Tuesday and gets smaller as the week goes on. READ MORE

  • Surf Report May 23

    Hello, surfers and surfettes. I hope every one had a great weekend. The surf was not that good but the weather was not too bad. This week is setting up to be a little better. We are seeing a small swell showing up for mid-week. It is looking like a south swell so you know the best spot will be down south — the south side of Jolly has been working great; the lefts have been on point. READ MORE

  • Surf report June 13

    Good day, surfers and surfettes. Man, it is summer and you should be out of school — get your surf on. Last week was looking up with the tropical storm. It did get fun, but nothing great — but that is cool; we did not get no damage just a little rain. This week is looking like summer 2 to 3 feet semi-glass in the morning with a southwest wind on in to the evening The surf for this weekend is looking kinda small: knee to waist high. The best day is looking like Friday evening. It is looking like we will be seeing a small increase in swell as the day comes to an end. The best spot should be the south side of Jolly Roger. As we get into the weekend the wind will be picking up out of the south, and that will not be great for surfing but should be good for downwinders or kiteboarding, so get on it. READ MORE

  • Surf Report - June 20

    Good morning, surfers and surfettes. The surf this week is looking kinda small. We don’t have a whole lot of weather coming our way. The only low pressure we had down in the gulf will be going across MEX and headed to the pacific, and that leaves us with a high pressure on the back side of the mountains, which is going to be in control for a while — and you know what that means. READ MORE

  • Surf's Up - June 28

    Well surfers and surfettes, last week was kind of small but fun. Some of the spots were working better down south but still small, but this week is looking up. READ MORE

  • Swell expected Sunday afternoon

    Well, surfers and surfettes, I hope everyone got to surf last Monday and Tuesday. Man, it was fun: Some great waves were caught, and some good photos were taken. Thanks, Steve, you do a great job; keep it up. The kids love you. READ MORE

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