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  • 7 guns in 7 days

    This article is not about the seven guns I would recommend; though I wish it were. Instead, this is about our local community and what you may not be aware of. READ MORE

  • Save the snapping turtle and new N.C. laws that take effect

    There are new rules that went into effect Dec. 1 for you to abide by. First, there will be much stiffer penalties if you are caught carrying a concealed weapon without a Conceal & Carry permit. If you are a law abiding citizen, please go ahead and take the class, turn in your paperwork and be done with it. If you are a criminal, this is a great time to start anew. READ MORE

  • When Christmas is in the air

    Nothing says I trust you and love you like a Gift Certificate to a gun shop for Christmas! Oh what fun. Now listen, just because you aren’t a gun nut doesn’t mean you can’t learn by taking a class or picking up some pepper spray. The gun world is not just about guns. It is a collaboration of people from all over the world and of all ages sharing a common belief: that guns offer more than just self-defense. READ MORE

  • Accountability is a fading part of our core

    I have found the cure to all that ails society. Are you ready? Wait for it ... OK: The two most important ingredients to a fruitful and productive society are “alone time” and “accountability.” There. Society is now fixed. Enjoy your holiday. READ MORE

  • Time for those in office to shape up or ship out

    Pope Francis gave a few of his cardinals, bishops and priests a tongue lashing last week that they will most likely never forget. Instead of the standard Christmas speech, he sternly reminded them that they are there to serve as joyful men of God, not lusting for power, living double lives and suffering from “spiritual Alzheimer’s.” He basically told them to shape up or ship out. Amen. READ MORE

  • Every child deserves to be safe

    A Georgian Chief of Police accidently shoots his wife while handling his service revolver at 4 a.m. Questions? Oh yes, I have a few. At first the claim was that he accidently shot her twice. Hmmm. READ MORE

  • Time for accountability

    Based on local reports, during the afternoon of Dec. 26, a woman shoots her husband, killing him and then lights him on fire in his bed. Distraught, she takes the firearm and puts it into her car and drives herself to the Holly Ridge police department to turn herself in. This never happens on TV. READ MORE

  • Freedom is alive and well, and it’s time to celebrate!

    For those of you who know me, I can be a bit stubborn — maybe even a bit overbearing at times. But I promise you my intentions are not harmful. Mostly I just see something that needs to be done and I do it. Life is too short to ponder. READ MORE

  • You are a law abiding citizen who does everything right

    You pull into a shopping center, take your concealed weapon and tuck it away in your clothing where it is out of sight and accessible to you. READ MORE

  • My right of freedom and choice in the greatest country on Earth

    Repeat after me, “I have the right to refuse service to any person whom I deem unfit, suspicious, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or consider a threat to myself or others. That is my oath and I will stick to it.” READ MORE

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