Articles by Dorothy Royal

  • Amendment anyone?

    After being in business for about four years, I am always fascinated by the new faces we see every day, people with curious eyes and lots of questions. Most, but not all of these folks are women ... READ MORE

  • Second Amendment must be protected in gun control fight

    Second Amendment must be protected in gun control fight READ MORE

  • Toy Guns are not the bad guy

    On Feb. 5, a 10-year-old boy was arrested by police officers for bringing a toy gun (visibly a toy and not a weapon) onto a bus. His family and friends and numerous members of his community are outraged. They are crying “enough is enough,” and I have to agree. READ MORE

  • Be very, very quiet … I’m hunting rabbits!

    Bravo to Pender County for taking the initiative to begin the process to allow silencers/suppressors on hunting rifles during hunting season. Not only does this show a giant leap toward a common sense approach to noise (which none of us enjoy) but it also offers a glimpse into the future of cooperation. READ MORE

  • Emotions, not facts, ruled on rezoning

    I would like to tell you that for the first time in my adult life, I am heartbroken at the realization that emotions not facts rule our political systems. READ MORE

  • You can’t fight city hall … and more myths we live with

    One of my pet peeves, as some of you may know, is being told that “You can’t fight city hall.” “Bull!” I shout. This is still America, we are still Americans and we are still the home of the brave AND THE FREE. READ MORE

  • The feathers of our society are being ruffled once more

    Unless you don’t own any form of electronics you have been made aware of the social unrest regarding the police brutality cases fanning out across our country. White officers, black males. Seems to be a pattern, but we have to be so careful to snap to a judgment that blankets everyone. READ MORE

  • United we stand …

    Last week I followed a compelling story about firearm manufacturers and suppliers who are now refusing to sell firearms to law enforcement agencies (and individuals) in states where law abiding citizens are now prohibited from those very same firearms. This is a stand of unity that should come as a moment of awaking for our politicians. What should be an eye opener is that this list has increased by 700 percent in the last few days. READ MORE

  • Please, thank you and the art of compromise …

    Growing up my mother taught me three valuable lessons: Always say please, remember to say thank you and learn the art of compromise. What she meant by the art of compromise was to always stick to your guns and make the other person give in. Based on politics today, she was years ahead of her time. READ MORE

  • Hunting we may go …

    Oh goody, topics just keep falling into my hands! Today I watched on the news where a N.J. Family had child welfare and the police show up to their home after the father posted a proud photo of his son with his .22 hunting rifle that happens to be in a tactical chassis. Tactical chassis you may ask? Correct, I reply. The outward appearance of a firearm has little to do with the true action or nature. There is a barrel, a receiver, a trigger, a stock and generally some form of sights. Magic has been revealed! READ MORE

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