This week I was inspired to write about a man, whose name I will not divulge as I donít know if he wants it public.

This week I was inspired to write about a man, whose name I will not divulge as I donít know if he wants it public. While having a fishing seminar at the store this week I saw a gentleman limp in whose face was badly disfigured and had braces on his legs. I engaged him in conversation and it turns out he is a wounded warrior.  He looked me in the eye when we talked; we chatted about fishing a bit.  I was amazed that in spite of his obviously devastating injuries how upbeat and jovial he was.  This man is a true hero and an inspiration.  Several of his brothers-in-arms were killed in the incident that injured him. As I was talking to him I started thinking about how small and insignificant any problems I have had compare to this manís problems.  He carried himself with dignity and showed grit and courage of which I wish I had half. For two days I have been asking myself how could someone with such a devastating blow be as optimistic about the future, and I still do not have an answer; but only after a short back and forth with him he has lifted my spirits for days. I began chatting with him in hopes of making him feel welcome and lift his spirits, but it was he who lifted mine.

Keep in mind this man was not asking for anything. There was no ďpoor olí meĒ about this man. He expected nothing and wasnít looking for charity. Then one of our charter captains (who doesnít want credit or publicity) pulled me to the side and asked what the manís story was. I told him. The captain then proceeded to offer a free charter.  hen another man who is a custom rod builder decided he is going to build this warrior a custom fishing rod to take on the trip. Then a sales rep for Penn fishing reels donated a reel to go along with the custom rod. I donít think there was a dry eye in the house.

The point of this is not to make Wayne or anyone else look good but to remind you that we have men and women out there every day fighting and dying for the freedoms we enjoy and it is our duty to treat them with respect, honor and dignity. I humbly ask that each and every one of you that read this do something for our men and women in uniform this week! Take them fishing, pay for their meal, clean up their yard, get active and do something. At the very least shake their hand and tell them thank you for their service.

As for the fishing report, the Spanish have been hot this week off the piers and the boats. The cobia have moved in close so while you are trolling for Spanish have a big bucktail at the ready. The sea mullet have been biting well on the beach and off the piers at night. Lots of bluefish still around off the piers and in the sound. The flounder have started to feed in the ICW as well. The mahi action is super hot in the stream right now!  


Capt. Chris Medlin is a third-generation tackle shop owner and charter captain. He makes his home on Topsail but loves fishing all over. Most of the time you can find him at East Coast Sports in Surf City or just contact him through his website at